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Scott Hargis


 Architectural Photographer,     San Francisco


Scott and his work is internationally known.  His interior architectural photographs speak on an emotional rather than an informational level.  I own and refer to his E-book "The Essential Guide to Lighting Interiors"   often.






Photography for Real Estate Blog


I keep up with trending issues in the real estate world as it pertains to photography and videography through this site.  This blog introduced me to information on Scott Hargis, Fstoppers (Info on the latest photo and video gear, techniques, etc.)  which led me to:




Peter Hurley


 Head Shot Photographer, New York


Peter surrounds a person with light in the form of 2 and 4 foot fluorescent light strips, and then cajoles the subject into a look that is "confident, yet approachable" as he describes it.  When he gets a shot he likes it's a SheBang! shot.





















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